ScoliSmart and BootCamp interview

with Dr. Clayton Stitzel, Chiropractor at  the ScoliSmart Clinc Pennsylvania USA

What does scoliosis mean?
Traditionally scoliosis has been defined simply as a curvature of the spine, but in recent times we are subdividing the condition into various kinds of scoliosis with Adolsecent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) being the most common. We now now AIS has a genetic predispositon and almost certainly a neuro-hormonal cause that creates the spinal curve as the primary symptom.


“Activity Suit”on the left and “Torso-Trainer” on the right

What is the concept of ScoliSmart?
ScoliSMART is an effort to create a more comprehensive program that treats the whole scoliosis condition, not just the curve. Our triad of care includes dynamic rehab with the Scoliosis Activity Suit, neurotransmitter re-balancing, and static rehab with the torso trainer.




What is the difference to other non-surgical treatments like Schroth?
Schroth was the forerunner of all scoliosis exercise approaches, but relies on voluntary movement exercies, which is a bit out dated since we know spinal alignment is controlled by automatic postural control centers in the brain. Our approach is re-training those automatic postural control centers with subconscious rehab techniques.


What´s the Bootcamp and how long does it take?
Scoliosis BootCamp is our 10 program for patients with spinal curves larger than 25 degrees.


Is it necessary to continue the treatment all life long?
In most cases it is not necessary. Most patients can dyscontinue the rehab once they are done growing, although patients with curves larger than 30° do have an increase risk of adulthood progression and may benefit from continued rehab on a less frequent basis.


What happens after the Bootcamp? Is there a homeprogramm and a follow up?
We provide each patient with a personalized home rehab program and recommend re-evaluation 4-6 months later.


Do the results of your patients last?
We are in the process of publishing several long-term results studies that suggest the results do last, but each scoliosis is it’s own to a certain degree (pun intended)


Is it necessary to treat small curves?
The one thing all large scoliosis curves have in common is that they started out as small curve first.


Is the Bootcamp treatment also suitable for adults?
Yes, we have successfully treated many adults with the Scoliosis BootCamp program.

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