The “ScoliPAIN-Progamm” – Scoliosis treatment for adults

4. Interview with Dr. Clayton Stitzel

What is the ScoliPAIN-programm?
The ScoliPAIN program is a less intense 5 day program designed to reduce pain, increase function, and get the patient started on a home rehab program to provide long-term stability

How old are the ScoliPAIN Patients?
There are no actual age requirements for the program, as each case is accepted or declined individually, but ultimately the program is really about helping patients reach their treatment goals for when curve reduction isn’t the top priority.

What is the difference between treating mature patients and adolescent patients? Are there different treating methodes?
The goal in each case is the same, improving biomechanical function of the joints, but there are many different ways of doing it and all can be modified to meet the needs of the patient.

Do the patients continue the programm at home?
They do. In many cases, scoliosis is a life long journey, thus a rehab program has to reflect that as well.

Do the ScoliPAIN patients come for a reevaluation?
No, they don’t. Since the primary treatment goal is not curve reduction, a x-ray re-evaluation is not necessary.

Do ScoliPAIN patients reduce their curves?
I’m sure many do, but often to insignificant amounts do to the structural limitations of their case and the design of the program.

Are there any long term studies?
The program is relatively new, so no long term data is available at this time.

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