Climb up straight!

Diagnosis: Scoliosis

Prognosis: Progressiv

Surgery: NO WAY!

My choice:  CLIMBING!!!

At the end of 2010 I discovered a new way to influence my scoliosis… Climbing!!! After one year at the gym I wanted to challenge myself outside. Soon Rock Climbing became my favourite.

Climbing has an extraordinary impact on my back. I stabilize my spine by strengthening the back muscles without bulking up to much muscular mass. But climbing is not just a physical therapy. While  I climb I don´t think of my scoliosis I just feel my body moving on the rock… and I am psyched about it. I like to push myself. In all sports I´ve ever tried, I´ve never reached my personal limits. I was restricted by my scoliosis.  While climbing I don´t feel that way. The harder I climb the less I feel  disabled.

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