“Yoga is a fountain of youth. You are only as young as your spine is flexible…”                                                                                                                           by Bob Harper

Flexibility – was the main reasons why I started Yoga about six years ago. After years of bracing especially my thoracic spine became flat and stif. I was looking for a way to improve my flexibility,  to get a better basis for other treatments and a straighter back.



” Remember to breathe. It is afer all the secret of life…”                                                                                                            by Gregory Maguire



Breathing – sounds simple, it was not! One day my physical therapist told me to take a deep breath into my belly, i coudn´t do it at all. During bracing and by practicing the breathing techniques of Schroth my body simply fotgot how to breath diaphragmically. Yoga helped me to regain this important ability.







“The most difficult asana is Shavasana (relaxed pose)…”

So true!!! When you grow up as a scolisis patient you´ve been always told to sit and stand up straight, to correct yourself when and where ever you go…your muscles get pretty tense. The only rest was my brace. The frist time I consciously tried to relax, was very hard. I needed to let go my “Pseudocorrection”, on which I had worked so many hours and years. Mainly my mind couldn´t give it up.

Why “Pseudocorrection” – because the part of my brain which is responsible for postural controll was not involved. The “correction” was not stored in my brain. It was just the power of my muscles.                                                               It took some years before I could really relax during Shavasana. Even if it is just for a while the relaxing pose helps a lot to let go your condition and to recharge energy.

Today yoga takes a much bigger part in my life than I would have ever expected. It means far more to me than regaining flexibility…

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