First German at “Scoliosis Bootcamp”

I spent the last two weeks in the USA participating at a ten day “Scoliosis Bootcamp” at Lancaster Spinal Health in Lititz. It was the first time I learned something new about scoliosis. I got to know a holistic tri-dimensional chiropractic therapy which gets closer the cause of scoliosis than any other treatment I know. Its concept seems evident and the idea convinced me the first time I read about it. The goals of the 10-day treatment were reducing the soft tissue resistance, repositioning the spine and reprogramm the brain muscle control to reach a new straighter position.

The Scoliosis Traciton Chair helps me stretching, de-rotating and untwisting my spine.

At Lancaster Spinal Health I felt comfortable from the beginning. The atmosphere at the treatment office was positive and very pleasant. That´s no surprise because every patient I meet had better results after scoliosis bootcamp.

Despite I am an adult my results are good, too. When I started at Lancaster Spinal Health my curves were 57° thoracic and  28° lumbar. After two weeks my scoliosis improved to 48° thoracic/22° lumbar. The treatment also helped me to reduce my cervical curve and my pelvic position is now pretty normal.

Me figuring out my new straighter position:-)



I continue the treatment at home. It doesn´t take much time and the main thing is it really works.

I would definitively recommend this treatment!!!

Thanks to Dr. Stitzle and his Team

Learn more about it:

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